When it comes to MEDIA, We have the Solution!


Film Transfers

With all our film transfers, we take extreme care getting the best possible Digital reproductions of your memories. We treat every order like it was our own. With Direct to Digital Telecine equipment, we can take any format, whether it be Regular 8, Super 8, Super 8 with sound or 16mm film and transfer them to DVD without any flicker like you use to get when watching them off a screen. Once digitalized, this can be passed on for gerneations to come! Also makes a great gift idea!

Disk printing: We offer free disk labeling.
eg: "Family Vacation Summer of '64" or "Bill & Mary's Wedding June 1956"

Pictures can also be printed to your DVD disk. A $10 setup fee does apply for this service. It really does add a personel touch!

We can also give you any format you need. The 3 most popular are AVI, DVD and Blu-Ray. Both DVD & Blu-Ray formats are permanent and cannot be edited. AVI is a file format that you can take and edit yourself on your own computer and then burn it to DVD when done. With this type of file format, they would need to be put on a external USB hard drive as they can be very large. 1 Hour of Film is about 13GB. We do stock these drives