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Funeral Home Celebration of Life DVD

A DVD tribute to someone's life should be very special. This is where we can help. We listen, offer options and provide an experience which is respectful and responsible. This DVD can be played continuously throughout a memorial reception or during the funeral service if allowed. After which it can be passed down to family members as a precious keepsake.

Below is an idea of packages and times or we will help you create your own

50 photographs / Slides = 6 minutes of video
100 photographs / Slides = 12 minutes of video
150 photographs / Slides = 18 minutes of video

All packages are created in a looping format which will have all the photos continuously play.

Each package includes: 8 seconds per photo viewing time, looping DVD,
light instrumental background music, elegant printed glossy DVD, case plus 1 extra copy

On the more personal side, you can put in favorite songs, titles, video clips from any tape or film format. We are here to help!