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Self Tape here!

Self taping has become quite the norm for busy actors in the theatre and filming industry.

 Danielle Benton "End Game Audition"

Nick Settimi "Book of Mormon Audition"

Why Self Tape With Us

In our studio, the calm and relaxed atmosphere will make it easy for you to bring out the best in your character. With our expertise, we will capture your audition, insert your head shot, agents name and upload your clip to our site. From there, we send out a private authorized link to the people who need to see it. Whether they are in Toronto, Vancouver, L.A., New York, once they have the link, they can watch it instantly! This could mean the difference being seen for the role and having a chance at landing something big or not being seen at all. Remember, the more you are seen, the better chance you have landing the Big Role! We wish you all the best!

30 Minute Self Taping Session - Per Script $50
60 Minute Self Taping Session - Per Script $70

Coaching/Rehersal Sessions

The revolutionary way of audition and rehearsal coaching is now available through Hamilton Media Solutions! Skype or FaceTime with one of our coaches from the comfort of your home. No travel time. No scheduling conflicts. No stress!

Book your Online Coaching / Rehearsal session now!
30 minute Online Session - $35
45 minute Online Session - $50
60 minute Online Session - $65

Current Available Coaches:
Danielle Benton – HMS Film/TV/Theatre Coach – Reader

Danielle Benton is a Canadian film/TV and theatre actress originally from Hamilton, Ontario. Making her professional theatre debut at the age of 6 and her film/TV debut shortly after, Danielle’s career has taken her to over 100 cities throughout Canada and the US. Danielle has had lead, principle, and guest star roles in films and TV series such as “Sucker Punch” (Warner Bros.) directed by Zack Snyder, “Endgame” (Showcase), “A Masked Saint” (Cineplex), “The Music Man” (Disney), “Eloise at the Plaza” (Disney), “Supernatural” (CW), “Hellcats” (CW), and “The L.A. Complex” (CW). Danielle’s theatre career includes such shows as (select credits) - “Mary Poppins” (the Broadway National Tour), “Hairspray” (Original Broadway choreography), “The Wizard of Oz”, “Anne of Green Gables”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Eugene Onegin”, “The Sound of Music”, and the title role in “Cinderella”.

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