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Photo Restorations

Tape Repairs - Memory Card Recovery

We can repair any tape format. Accidentally formated or deleted pictures or files from your memory card, we can recover most! There is no charge if we can't!

Tape Transfers to DVD

Tapes come in many formats and we can look after them all! Transfering tape to DVD is a permanent and best way to perserve your precious memories. Time is also very important. The older they are, the degeneration of the film increases, Picture quality drops. Also storing them in damp basements can cause tape to stick together and become unplayable. Dry and warm places are best for storing tapes until they are transfered.

Tape Formats:
Regular 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Beta, VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, DVC, DVCam, DVCPRO, Betacam, Betacam SP plus all Foreign formats Pal, Secam, Pal -M, Pal-N, NTSC4.43, Mesecam

Plus we can go from any Video Camera hard drive, Video Disk Camera, SD Card or USB Stick

AVI - We can also transfer your videos to an AVI format which you can edit on your own computer. When transfering to AVI, files will be very big. Files of this type will need to be put on USB External drive. We stock these drives if you don't have one.

Slides and Photographs

Slides and Photographs to CD or DVD are a must if you want save precious photos. Creating a slide show of pictures is a great way to view those memories. Just digitalizing slides and photo to a disk is a permanent solution to protect the past and pass them on to your next generation of family. We scan all slides at 2400 dpi and pictures 800 dpi. This gives you a great file size for future printing if needed.

Printing - Duplication

Disk printing: We offer free disk labeling.
eg: "Dave & Colleen Wedding July 21 1973" or "Italy Vacation 1997"

Pictures can also be printed to your DVD disk. A $10 setup and printing fee does apply for this service. It really does add a personel touch!

DVD & CD Duplicating service available. Pricing based on quantity