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A Meaningful Holiday Gift Idea

Converting your home movies, family photos, and slides to digital or DVD is a unique and treasured holiday gift for parents, grandparents, and adult children.

it was the most emotional gift I’ve ever received

Dana Robertson – customer

When it comes to gift giving, nothing means more around the holidays than a gift from the heart. We understand how stressful the holidays can be. Finding the perfect gift, trying to make time for everyone, planning the perfect meal. The whole feeling behind the holiday season so easily gets lost in the hustle, bustle and worry about making the day absolutely perfect. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder of what the holidays are truly about. They’re about family. They’re about connection. They’re about creating memories.

Home movies gift

At Hamilton Media Solutions we know what it means to truly encapsulate memories in a way that will last for generations to come. Why not find a gift that does just that? Transferring film, tapes, slides and/or photographs to digital or DVD is a truly touching, one-of-a-kind family gift for your parents, grandparents or adult children. It’s a meaningful reminder of what the holidays are all about, love, family and wonderful memories. Have you ever had the opportunity to look back at old home movies of your grandparents or photographs of your great grandparents from a bygone time? One of our happy customers shared, “my parents had Hamilton Media Solutions put all of our home movies onto external hard drives for my sister and I last Christmas and it was the most emotional gift I’ve ever received. Knowing all of our childhood memories were all in one place and accessible with the click of a button is truly priceless.”

Not everyone realizes that tapes can deteriorate over time, so if you have any old tapes that need to be brought back to life and gifted to a loved one this holiday season, we’re here and happy to help! Let’s work together and preserve those special memories for generations to come.

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours.